At Hall-Ward IFA transparency throughout is important and knowing how much financial advice costs are usually one of the main questions asked.

On contacting our office, we arrange a time to visit you for a preliminary meeting. The purpose of the first meeting is to establish how we are able to help you with your needs and objectives.

Following this initial meeting, there is no charge and no obligation on either side.  Our fees for financial advice and implementation are 3% of the amount invested.  Usually, all fees are deducted from the investment pot to assist with not paying any upfront costs.

We will outline and agree our fees to you before any further work is carried out. Confirmation of our fee scales is contained within our Disclosure Document.

Ongoing financial support and regular reviews
The support and service continue as the relationship builds and where agreed, regularly meeting to review your plans making sure we walk side by side through your financial milestones guiding you through these changes and re-assessing your goals.  By having us as your adviser over a longer period, perhaps for life, you will benefit from this ongoing service designed to help you meet your longer-term financial planning objectives.

Our fees for ongoing service and support are 0.85% of the amount invested.  Usually, all fees are deducted from the investment pot.

Our financial review service includes:

  • Full update of your current financial situation

  • A full valuation of your pensions and investments

  • Review performance and discuss portfolio asset allocations strategy

  • Assess any changes that may be necessary to the portfolio i.e. risk profile

  • Taxation planning

  • Liaise with Accountants/Solicitors

  • Upkeep of your financial records

All fees for ongoing service are discussed and agreed prior to any work undertaken.

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